“Matthew Goslett took all the hassle out of finding a property and managed the whole buying process from start to finish. What I had struggled to do over 6 months, he did in 6 weeks. I had trawled over hundreds of adverts, identified possible locations, property characteristics, went on fruitless visits, researched potential mortgage providers and not once did I feel confident enough to follow through.

Matt, with his wealth of knowledge and experience was able to cut right to the point, identify potential places and have contact with the agents, visit the properties and literally take all the time consuming and stressful part of flat hunting out of the equation.

I would recommend anyone who has limited experience of the process of finding a property or who has little time to dedicate to searching, rooting out a good place from the many bad ones and then to negotiate a good deal, to employ his services. Working with Matt just made perfect sense.”
— Sabina Mollart Rogerson
“The brief for Matt was to find me a painting studio which might one day also double up as a possible residential home for one of my children - or indeed for me and my wife if we one day decided to downsize in London.

I wanted to be somewhere central or west, and I wanted to purchase a huge space, but with a budget that was sadly not that huge!

Matt found such a space - an old recording studio in Acton about a mile and half from my home - within a month or two, and advised clearly and calmly about how to go about securing this wonderful studio. From viewing the space and advising on making an appropriate offer, through to exchange of contracts and completion, Matt was politeness and enthusiasm personified. Matt is a thoroughly professional advisor who knows the market exceptionally well and has the people skills to go with it.

I now walk every day to work, and my studio is now crammed with exciting new work and would also make a wonderful place to live one day. Thank you, Matt.”
— Luke Martineau