When considering the purchase of any residential property, I believe it is vital for you to bear one key fact in mind: any estate agent always acts for - and is paid by - the vendor of a property. In contrast, as acquisition agent, I act solely for you: the purchaser.

I will ask you to identify your area of choice and to indicate your budget. I can then help you to decide in more detail what you require: the type of property, its location, size, proximity to schools and shops and any other matters you might need to consider. 

I take the leg-work out of the whole process of finding a property. Whether you're looking for a house, a flat, somewhere with a bigger garden, more storage space, a garage and/or a place to park your car, I will investigate the whole market available, carry out all of the pre-views necessary to source possibilities, so that you then only need to spend your time viewing the resulting, limited number of places that match your brief.

When we have agreed which property you would like to proceed with, I will then make an offer on your behalf and undertake all of the relevant negotiations necessary to try to secure that place for you.

Together we will create your own specific, bespoke brief. I will then start the search to find the best property available for you.